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Ending to a Beginning [09 Aug 2006|10:42pm]
I never gave this a proper "closing" and i think i should.

I havent been more content in my life a long time.
Ive gotten rid of alot of negative shit and made is positive
Im cutting ties to a lot of friends, because they arent necessary.
I have the ones i want, and im happy.
I couldnt have met a nicer girl then Aimee and its unbeliavble how easily we "flow together"
New Hampshire(White Mountains)puts me in the best mood, and i guess..balances me out.
Being with aimee, is a plus.
To everyone who actually reads this, stay in touch. i think only a few close friends read this(kelli, alicia, jenee)
Kelli, chances of us meeting up before you move are slim, so thank you. your a great friend i hope to see you sooner then later.
jenee/alicia ill prob see oyu in two weeks..

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[22 Nov 2005|09:16pm]


New Years this year at my house if everyone can agree on it. I dont want drama, so put aside differences. Bring friends I dont care. If my room gets to small, we'll goto a hotel and get 2 rooms side by side. Tell me if your interested please! Be a movie type thing then watch the ball drop and blah blah.

I think hotel room is a good idea cus over night is a possibility.

Just let me know;

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[06 Nov 2005|09:06pm]
This is me confessing..

I have done alot of horrible things in the past year. I havent treated people that is not of my character. I have become a critical, uptight, angry, malovent person. This IS NOT me. for anyone who knew my beginning of sophmore year or even freshman year you would know how different i was. Im not blaming anyone else but me for this. I have lost alot of friends for this character. Im tellin you now i am changing. Im being me again. If you ever need help with a problem dont be afraid..im a neutralparty..im done with this anger bullshit. I let shit get to me way to easily. Please for whoever i offeneded or who have disagreed with my actions give me another chance. It wasnt me.
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[28 Oct 2005|11:20pm]
Im in a ranting mood so here it is..
Fuck Music today. Fuck it. Where did it happen where fashion became more important then music? That growing your hair long and putting it to one side, wearing a shirt thats 2 sizes to small, wearing other genders pants, and even to the point of putting on make up will make you "accessible" and make you fans and even land you a record deal. It doesnt matter if you started playing an instrument the night before if you have tight pants, look sad, and wear the hottest band shit going..your an instant sucess and will have tons of friend. What about the music?When was talent lost in this sea of lost credibility? What kind of joke is this? Bands Now lack talent,but it simply doesnt matter. I know i will get great slack for this but whatever. fuck off. Its called having an OPINON. Look it up if you dont know what it. And onto another topic and now its time for me to be a hypocrit. Stop using the fucking word "scene". Its called genre its called music. It isnt fashion damnit. Stop saying "Oh Im not scene" well fuck no one cares. Just listen to what the hell you want to listen to and dont got parading around your new fucking MCR shirt thats meant for a youth when your about 18 years old. Or how long your hair is getting and im looking like "person x" now. And speaking of X(here comes everyone saying OMG shut the fuck up corey you have no clue what your talking about)stop claiming edge cus its the cool fucking thing to do. I will admit i use to be the kid im talking about then i got a fucking clue and realized its abotu the music not the fucking fashion. Dont claim edge cus you fucking think it will make you popular. Dont put Xs on your jacket cus its the cool thing to do. Your just a fucking joke. Im not saying Im edge, im simply saying its a joke claiming edge to fit in when in about four years at college you will more than likely break it(if not sooner)
Now before everyone starts bitching.. This is MY OPINON.So dont comment saying " corey your so close minded grow up" cus i dont fucking care. Its an OPINON.
"your clothes can't hide your lack of substance"
Got it?
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[03 Aug 2005|05:07pm]
He knew his intentions. He wasnt there to hold her or to talk. He was there with the worst intentions. He was going to take her dignity, her identity. He made small talk, making her smile and laugh. Just wating for his move. She turned her back to look at the stars, the last time she would as an innocent girl. He struck with force. Her knees collasped as she hit the ground. He had a smirk on his face, one of a sinner. He looked at her, he knew full well what he was doing and the consequences. He took off her shirt and took full advantage. He would be there for an hour maybe more. She was out cold. She lay naked on the ground becoming a victim, when she didnt even know it. This girl so innocent hours before, sat at home eating supper with her brother, mother, and father. Sharing stories from earlier in the day. She was just starting senior year, she had never been in trouble or done anything wrong. Her world was turned upside down by this one moment. He lay there next to her sweating, still inside her. He was laughing, almost happy. This was his trophy, his award. He knew he would be caught, he didnt care. This was his time, his moment. He took himself out her and sat there kissing her neck.Next time she would look at the stars it will be as someone scarred, a victim. The stars will never look the same.
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To: [14 Jun 2005|03:09pm]
This is an open apology to everyone I have hurt or annoyed the past month or so. Im sorry. I never apologize for much but I am now. I have been acting out of character and doing things I thought i wouldnt do. I lost to many friends lately and on the verge of loosing more. I doubt anyone will read this but I am sorry. I have acted like a dick to several people without realzing it. Matt,Kelli,Amanda,Melissa just to name a short few. I have felt that people have turned their backs on me and I caved into the constant bullshit that seems to follow me and have turned it into a negative attitude. Im not sayin it is going to change cus I dont know. But i am truely tired of loosing friends and acting like a dick.
Im sorry.
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[29 May 2005|11:34pm]
so i sold out

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[05 May 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Newport!Collapse )

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[25 Apr 2005|03:25pm]
[ mood | cold ]


im buying that tonight, i need something to where, i just cant figure out what the picture on the back is...weekend was fun. I saw melissa on friday, then me and jess went to play pool. Saturday i had lessons and saw the interepter with melissa. Sunday i worked.

This is a song about a girl, then again arent they allCollapse )

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Your killing raping rocking rollin' [17 Oct 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Ok so eventful weekend yet again..friday i failed my license test, go me?i choked and got nervous and made mistakes i never would have made driving with someone like my dad(even though i took a horrible right going to melissa yesterday)then that night i went to see lamb of god with alison but she copped out on me and matt saved my ass .. but then we got lost in worcester somehow..we took a left out of the back parking lot of the palladium and ended up walking the back streets of worcester for an hour until ending up at a gas station and hitchhiking(yes, hitchiking in worcester)back to coney island hot dogs for supper thenon the way back to the palladium matt gave some man five dollars cus the man wanted two quarters and he said he had change...well he didnt...he kept his hand in his pocket and kept walking down the street at this point matt ran across the street and left me to deal with the man..i said keep the change and dont worry(this after the man wanted to get drunk with us and buy us alcohol)we eventually got into the show in one piece so that was good.throwdown couldnt make it, COB and LOG were very good but not worth the price of admission, im getting tired of all the toughguy shit on the floor at the palladium just aint needed. then saturday i went to see my hours for work and they suck im thinking about quitting and taking it easy for a few week but the job aint half bad so i dunno. then i took melissa out to dinner and a movie..the forgotten is a terrible movie so dont see it. then today im doing homework and working...what an awesome day.not.

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[22 Sep 2004|03:44pm]



Ok so before things got out of hand and people saw shit I dont them seeing unless their my friend on here i did this...Comment and ill probably add you in....


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